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Large Blue/Teal and White Cameo Glass Pillow Vase

Name: Dryads


This is one my very favorites and has a position in my own personal display!  This vase is AMAZING! It's true art with ladies hidden in the trees... or part of the trees!  Surrealism meets Art Deco!  

While I love nearly all of my cameo pieces, this one is STUNNING!  

The white really is so lovely and bright against that terrific blue green background!  Keep in mind that this was designed by Kelsey's studio and then the many layers were cut away until the design could be created.  The more layers, the harder the piece is to work with.  

The trees are so intricately done! Look at the top where branches serve as a nice border too! No detail is missing here!

This is a one of a kind... not one made for Fenton or any other glass company! All carving is done by hand! Signed and titled on the base.  "Dryads" was signed by Bob!  

This vase will command a presence in your collection/display... as it does in mine!

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*Remember, this is a ONE OF A KIND piece so if you like what you see here, then this is the one for you to buy.*

Approximate Dimensions

12 inches tall

8 inches across