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Contemporary Carnival Glass Jewelry Box

Pattern: Mayflower

~Imperial - Lenox Glass~

ca 1979



Brilliant and USEFUL to boot!! Here is a covered box (jewelry box?) made by the combined entity of Imperial and Lenox!!  What a superb combination those two companies were!!  The color is called Horizon Blue, obviously resembling what most collectors call "ice blue"!

Iridescence is COLORFUL in BRIGHT PASTELS... nothing wishy washy here!!

Even has a sticker intact!! Marked LIG.  Lenox Imperial only made things for a year in this color so there are NOT many of these around!!

FREE SHIPPING!  No damage!

I use no artificial lighting, all is natural light from outdoors... this means I do not take a lamp outside with me to make my glass look shiny... inside when you open these items they will have a better shine because of your indoor lighting.  I also don't use any "super sheen" products or anything on the glass other than mild detergent/soap to wash the dirt off with.



*Remember, no 2 pieces of carnival glass EVER look the same... if you like what you see here, then this is the one for you to buy.*

Approximate Dimensions

3 5/8 inches tall

4 5/8 inches diameter