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Antique Goofus EAPG Glass Handgrip Plate

Pattern: Cupids

~Northwood Glass~

ca early 1900s 



Ok for you Goofus or Northwood lovers, here is an extraordinary find!! 

The pattern is Cupids and it is NOT EASY TO COME BY, trust me!  The shape is a one side slightly flipped plate which is termed a "handgrip".  

Coloring is bright but there is some fading and of course a little loss... show me a piece of original goofus that has NO loss and I'll be skeptical that it hasn't been touched up!


I use NO artificial lighting, all is natural light from outdoors (same as what you have at your house)... this means I do not take a lamp outside with me to make my glass look shiny... inside when you open these items they will have a better shine because of your indoor lighting.  I also don't use any "super sheen" products or anything on the glass other than mild detergent/soap to wash the dirt off with.

Approximate Dimensions

1 1/2 inches tall

6 3/4 inches diameter