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Antique Rainbow & Glass Bowl



early 1900s



This bowl is HUGE and downright beautiful! Like nothing I've ever seen before! I struggled with giving this a potential maker... could it have been Webb instead? Perhaps.  At least there is the hallmark. I think this is Harrach rainbow glass but it could be Webb or Stevens & Williams!   

The coloring is amazing!  The quality is outstanding!  The swirling, which you can best see from underneath really, is breathtaking!!  The glass is like a satiny smooth glass that has a subtle aura that could be iridescence... it's really tough to tell.

No damage to the glass... the epns rim is spotty as you can see. I don't deal in metals so don't do anything to them prior to selling them.



I use no artificial lighting, all is natural light from outdoors... this means I do not take a lamp outside with me to make my glass look shiny... inside when you open these items they will have a better shine because of your indoor lighting.  I also don't use any "super sheen" products or anything on the glass other than mild detergent/soap to wash the dirt off with.

Approximate Dimensions

3 3/4 inches tall

8 1/2 inches diameter